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Solicitor own client costs

Your own clients are the life blood of a successful practice. Whether the case involves one of your longstanding clients or a one-off instruction, we have the experience both to maximise your costs recovery and to legitimise the invoices that you raise.

It is noticeable that in non-contentious cases, the amount of time that has actually been spent on the file is often understated. We achieve a higher level of profit than expected by our clients in almost all cases. This is due to our experience and knowledge of the subject matter of the case which enables us to identify work that you undertake but might not record on file.

Appreciating the individuality of each case

Whether your case is concerned with probate, land transfers and leases, commercial contracts, matrimonial law or any other privately funded matter we appreciate the various issues that will need to be dealt with and the work that is likely to be required to resolve the same.

Our specific services in this area include:

Working with the minimum of disruption to you

If you would prefer not to release your files we would be happy to travel to your offices in order to cost your files and prepare the necessary paperwork with the minimum of disruption to you. This can also serve a very useful purpose in enabling us to understand your specific requirements such that we are better able to tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Should the issue of costs become contested, we are experienced in conducting Solicitors Act assessment proceedings and we are happy for you to retain as little or as much involvement as you wish. From preparation and service of the bill of costs to attendance at the detailed assessment hearing and subsequently casting the figures, we endeavour to provide the complete service so as to facilitate the efficient progression of the costs process with the minimum interruption for you.

Solicitor own client costs is not an area that has traditionally required significant involvement from specialist costs draftsmen but we are confident that by instructing us you will be pleasantly surprised by the expertise we offer, not just in terms of increasing your profit!

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