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Inter partes costs

Upon receipt of your file we sort the papers in order to determine the relevant authority for assessment and to identify any issues, particularly in relation to the terms of your retainer with your client, which could affect how the claim for costs is presented. We liaise with you at this stage in order to resolve at the outset any queries which might otherwise delay the completion of our work. We will also agree with you the appropriate hourly rates to apply with a view to optimising the claim.

If there is an imminent deadline to consider we will prioritise your file to ensure that there will be no penalty for late service.

We provide multiple copies of the relevant paperwork to be sent to your client, the court and the other side and your file will be returned in good order with the bundle for assessment clearly identified.

Meeting your specific requirements

The claim for costs will be tailored to meet any specific requirements that you have. We automatically advise you regarding the strengths and areas of vulnerability of the costs that you are seeking to recover. We can provide you with separate breakdowns of identifiable costs areas for inclusion within or exclusion from the bill and with our experience we will estimate the likely outcome of detailed assessment given any number of competing factors.

Cash flow can often be more important than accruing interest on unpaid costs and we give early advice regarding the opportunity to obtain interim payments.

Efficient progression of the costs process

We provide the complete service throughout and we undertake all necessary work to facilitate the efficient progression of the costs process with the minimum interruption for you. Naturally this includes:

Achieving better results through experience in a wide range of law

We aim to maximise your costs recovery. Our experience in dealing with cases involving a wide range of law enables us to identify work that might not be recorded on file and to include appropriate estimates where this occurs. By taking the time to understand the legal issues involved in a case we are in a stronger position to deal with the costs aspects and to either defend your claim for costs or to attack a claim presented by the other side.

In the majority of cases our fees will be recovered in full from the paying party such that the cost to your firm of instructing us will be nil.

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