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Picture of a draftsman working on a court of protection cost assessment.

Court of Protection

We receive regular instructions in relation to Court of Protection matters and whether you are seeking to recover fixed appointment costs, general management costs running into tens of thousands of pounds, the costs of a statutory will application or pre-order costs, we have the expertise and experience to advise you throughout the process and to maximise your costs recovery.

Upon receipt of your file we sort the papers in order to determine the relevant authority for assessment and to identify any issues which could affect how the claim for costs is presented. We liaise with you at this stage in order to resolve at the outset any queries which might otherwise delay the completion of our work and impede the progress of the claim.

Ensuring you are properly renumerated for the work you have done

As the court's duty is to protect the financial interests of the Patient, it is easy to think that claims for costs in Court of Protection matters are subjected to a more stringent assessment than in other areas of law. Our detailed knowledge of the basis upon which such assessments are carried out and the guidance issued by Master Lush in this regard enables us to present your claim in such a way as to ensure that you are properly remunerated for the work that you undertake.

Our costing services include:

Our aim is to provide the complete costing service and to facilitate the smooth recovery of your costs with the minimum of inconvenience for you. Accordingly our services include:

Facilitating the efficient conclusion of the assessment process

We provide multiple copies of the bill for lodging at court and service on your client (if appropriate) and any other interested parties. We will return your file in good order and with the full bundle for assessment clearly identified. If you accept the provisional assessment of a bill of costs we, at no extra cost, carry out the necessary calculations in order to cast the figures and enable the final costs certificate to be sealed by the court.

In the majority of cases our fees will be recovered in full from the funds in court such that the cost to your firm of instructing us will be nil.

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